The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) has reached a new collective agreement, which will govern the working conditions and compensation of thousands of federal public service employees. The agreement, which was signed in 2019, covers the period of 2018 to 2022, and includes several notable provisions.

First and foremost, the agreement includes significant wage increases for PSAC members. Over the four-year period covered by the agreement, employees will see their salaries increase by a total of 6.64%. This raise will be implemented in a number of stages, with the first increase of 1.75% coming in 2018-2019, followed by 1.75% in 2019-2020, 2.0% in 2020-2021, and finally 1.14% in 2021-2022.

In addition to wage increases, the new collective agreement also includes provisions related to job security. For example, employees who are laid off will now have access to priority hiring opportunities within the federal public service. Similarly, PSAC members who are affected by workforce adjustment will now receive better job security protections, including improved options for retraining and career transitioning.

Another notable provision in the new collective agreement is the creation of a joint committee on mental health. This committee will be tasked with promoting and supporting the mental health and wellness of PSAC members. It will also work to raise awareness about mental health issues, provide training to managers and employees, and identify and address workplace factors that contribute to mental health concerns.

The agreement also addresses several other areas of concern for PSAC members, including leave entitlements, shift scheduling, and mobility provisions. For example, employees will now have access to more flexible leave arrangements, including additional personal leave days and leave for family-related responsibilities. The agreement also includes provisions that address the impact of technological change on PSAC members, ensuring that workers are not unfairly impacted by new technologies or workplace changes.

Overall, the new PSAC collective agreement represents a significant victory for federal public service employees. With its wage increases, job security protections, and mental health provisions, the agreement provides a strong foundation for fair and equitable working conditions in the years ahead.